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Ramblings about what I see (with more word association)


Why? The name of the world has always astounded me. The name is always so disassembled and gorgeous. Seven people across the globe could look at the same mirror and see a river the same length as a ribbon stretching across the Sahara for miles. Why can every elf ever stretch across the sea and still be so short? Name the game of the week and everybody jumps up and sighs because it’s just too hard. The same people step on each other and wish existence was prettier while ignoring the sheer beauty around them. Every tree, rock, and bush has beauty simply because it lives in the forest and breathes and survives in this crazy world such a long way from the center of the semi-permeable universe. Boxes of oranges are made of wood and that’s nothing to be ashamed of. The same picky little people ignore the beauty and see the function. Function covers the inherent beauty of what things are made of. Function is a beautiful thing because the human mind created it. Because it started with living things wasn’t the first. Did beauty not exist before we gave things function? The very thing that inhabits our soul is the beauty of the thing that we all hate. When you look at objects they are beautiful. The very fact that they are here, that they exist, gives them rapture. The world around us is solid and exists and if you think about it that’s the most beautiful thing of all. To look at a tree and know for certain that it is there and it occupies space and the world turns with it on it is the most mind blowing of all concepts. The fact that the world turns at all, the fact existence exists and we have the power to think of it destroys my mind. Air conditioning filters are gray and fluffy with brown cardboard frames. If you look at them and don’t think about what they are, what their function is, if you just LOOK at them they’ll amaze you. And the human mind, such a wonderful thing. Pouring out word after word and if you don’t stop to filter it the human brain could invigorate or devastate people, either way it’s extraordinary.

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