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Ink for Blood

Teen Writing Community

Ink for Blood: LJ community for young writers
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This isn't a place for you if you merely dabble in angry teenage hate-the-world essays every other week, nor if you believe that getting published at Poetry.com is a true achievement.

Who belongs here? If you are a teenager and believe in the power of words, you are in the right place. (While you're at it, check out our main site Absynthe Muse.) When people ask you if you want to be a writer when you "grow up," you tell them that you're already a writer. You write for the sake of writing, and perhaps get that writing published down the line. You are dissatisfied with the amount of creative writing you get to do in school, and want more. You want to learn and teach along with other teenage writers the craft of writing. You react negatively to sunlight because you spend so much time in front of the computer.

How can your obsession be summed up? Ink for Blood. "Had I run out of ink, I'd use blood." Ink for Blood is a teen writing group, for and by teenagers. However, this writing group is quite different from many other writing groups out there, because you’ll be supported by other teenagers, who won’t talk down to you, as is the case with adult writing groups, you’ll get information about markets, contests, scholarships, and other writing-related opportunities, get a chance to share your work, you’ll be celebrated for your successes and members will commiserate with you in times of rejection. Teenagers that become members of Ink for Blood are ages 11 to 19, are open, unique, willing to learn new things, take satisfaction in critiquing others’ work, stay active and committed, want to go beyond the classroom in their writing, and most of all, are passionate about writing.

Elisabeth, screen name iremos, runs this here community. She will ban anyone who spams or posts anything X-rated. Ink for Blood is an open community, don't abuse it! You can post questions about writing, post your own writing, or rant. It would be nice if you introduced yourself in the community with first name, age, genre of writing, your greatest writing accomplishment, and your biggest pet peeve concerning writing. Most of all, have fun.

Friendly copyright warning: All work posted in this journal is copyright to the poster. All of their rights reserved unless otherwise noted. It is illegal to use the work in any way without the poster's permission. People at Ink for Blood believe that plagiarists and other non-scrupulous people who steal belong in the deepest circles of Hell, and are to be tormented for eternity by hungry Tribbles.

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